Dream State

saying-1501262_1280I have found the thing that is going to kill me, I have found the passion that if I don’t pursue it, my heart will simply explode and nothing will ever come close to explaining the feelings felt and the passion that I have in my heart. Love is fickle and weak, we say the word too much and it has lost all meaning so to explain my love and passion I shall simply say this…

My passion for exploring my brain and writing down every silly thought I have (like this one) is a feeling not of love or hate but of passion, it is something that I will do until I die because it keeps me alive, it takes all of these thoughts out of my brain and urges me to explore more, explore every thought forever more because it is a passion that can never stop. My passion has set me free, free to explore and free to be me.

That’s what true love should be, and probably is, two people setting each other free, staring into each other’s eyes, deep down into their souls, finding each other passions and exploring every possibility, setting each otherluggage-1149289_1920 free to be themselves, not as one but as two individuals that see the world the same for they have freed each other.

Free from the world and all of the hate, passion has replaced love in my dream state.

Yet another thing I wrote while tired, drunk and happy while on an adventure.


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