Day in the life: 16 scheduling, planning and scheduling.

day in the lifeDay 16, jesus, are we there already? Well today has been nice and productive, I have finished up all of my work for one client and am waiting for a list from another client so I can start work on that (deadline is Sunday, it happens sometimes), all of the articles that I have written this week have been checked and double checked (by me, I can’t afford an editor) they have been checked plagrisiam style too and all are 100% cos I am a 100% unique, nope!

After that I wrote some posts for this, once again, everything you are reading today is live apart from this post cos it goes up when I am working out and that would be a little awkward to do.

brain-1294854_1280I guess we should talk about schedules as I have told you I have a schedule for this. My posts go up 7:30am, noon, 3:30pm and 6pm GMT or near to those times. I have no real reason for these times, they are just times that I think are cool I guess. They also kind of fit into a working day so that you guys can read them when is best for you.

In terms of scheduling posts on here, I don’t really like doing that but I do for this one, hi future people, I don’t know why I don’t like it but I guess it’s because I don’t feel as invested in the posts after that amount of time.

I am going to have a fucking hard day tomorrow if my client gets back to me tonight about these articles so I will be posting a Something Isomething interestingnteresting about planning articles tomorrow morning at about 7:30am, it might be something interesting (plug) for people who struggle to get started on writing something.

Anyway, see you bright and early tomorrow!



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