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hammer-895666_1920It is a known fact that some bosses can be difficult to work with. Differences of opinion and arguments can be a part of your daily life when you have a bad boss and it can make your time at any company short. Even your dream job can be squashed by a bad boss. Well today, I am going to try and find the reason why. This isn’t necessarily going to be the case for all bosses but it might be the case for yours.

In most businesses in the UK and around the world, bosses are promoted from the ground up in some way. Whether they work from the ground up in one company or several, that is generally how it works. So basically, you get promoted for doing good shit and fired for doing bad shit, I think we all know how this works and this paragraph really isn’t needed.

So, why do people stop getting promoted? Why do people suddenly stop getting the push up the business ladder? You would think that this push would never stop and after a lifetime of work for a company, you would be CEO, right? Well, people are promoted until they are shit at their job again. Someone who started making coffee, get put on the phones then they get put on the computers, then they become team leader of all the people on the computers, then manager of computer people and so on and so on until they are shit again.vintage-1291644_1920
Basically, you stop getting promoted when you are no longer shining out in the crowd. You get forgotten about and stay in that position until you retire or change companies. So the reason many of us have had shit bosses in our working life is because they are actually shit at the job they are doing, they should be one step down, still shining like the star they used to be but instead they got forgotten about.

I hope this helped you come to terms with your crap boss or the fact you haven’t been promoted in a while. Sorry for breaking the bad news to you! Now off to work with you all!


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