Relax: travelling and dream living

luggage-1149289_1920I must learn to relax, I must go at a slower pace, all this rushing around and worrying around I do can surely not be good for my health. I rush to get ready and leave the house to get to a place in the morning only to find that I am an hour early each time and I have nothing to do but to wait and steep in my worry.

I must not worry so much, my friends don’t and they always arrive on time, or at the time I expected them to arrive at. Worrying shall be the death of me, or I will be killed while waiting for something that will never come.

My problem is, I am too impatient and too anxious to do anything and everything which is why I like to arrive early, this is stupid, then I have to wait an hour in the cold, rain or heat desperately wanting to do something that I could have spent another hour dreaming about doingDSCF7701_edited.

I have just got to relax and learn to go with the flow or whatever it is they say, stop stressing over things that are meant to be fun and learn to live, learn to relax, learn not to be on the cusp of a heart attack all the time!

Something I wrote while out on an adventure.


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