Day in the life 15: Meteors and animals

day in the lifeWell, today has been much like yesterday only far more productive and fun. I had a slow start this morning which normally means that I have a slow day but not today. I starting writing at about 7:30am and if you scroll down, you can see what I writing. After that, I wrote another two posts for this blog which will be going up in a day or two.

After doing work that isn’t really work, I started doing actual work. I wrote about many things today but to keep to the title, I wrote about dogs with arthritis and how stem cell therapy can be used to treat it. It is an interesting subject and the treatment has been used since 2005 all around the world.

After that was done, I started to write a piece about meteors which is a Something Interesting post that will be up soon. I don’t want to give too much away but it does involve the year 1994. The year I spent watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. lion-617365_1280

I also posted another piece on here about animals and arrogance which you can check out by scrolling down. I thought it was quite interesting but as there is no evidence to back it up and no research what so ever, so
I couldn’t make it a Something Interesting.

So that’s my day, I am now going to go and work out and listen to a podcast, I have no idea what podcast so leave me your suggestions in the comments so I have one for tomorrow, cheers!


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