Arrogance in animals

lion-617365_1280I don’t believe arrogance to be something that only humans feel, I do think that many more men are arrogant than women, unless this is just the people I have met throughout my life and my encounters with arrogance.

I do think that most male animals experience arrogance in the early stages of youth and not so much female animals. If we take lions as an example, a young female lion shall stalk, creep, wait and be ready for the perfect moment to pounce, just like mum taught her. A male will wander along thinking his size and weight shall kill the prey the moment it sets eyes on him.

Females (I think) can be taught better than males, males must learn from their mistakes, they must mess up a few times to understand the errors they are making. Women understand that they can not do everything first go around, men expect that they can and if by luck they succeed then arrogance is the lesson taught.lion-1544990_1920

This does not speak of all males and all females for everyone is different and even in the animal kingdom, the animals will learn in their own way. This is just a ponder, just a thought in 48-degree heat, perhaps I know nothing and perhaps I am a fool but that is fine by me.

Another little bit of “knowledge” from a drunk me last year while out and about in the world.


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