Planning your dream

shield-1519642_1920After my weekend post yesterday speaking about planning, I thought I would make a post about planning all by itself because it is quite important. This is just my opinion of course but it has helped me a lot so I thought I would share it and hope that it helps you, not everything can be sweary and funny I guess, so let’s get started.

Firstly, dreams are important, no one has the right to say your dream is stupid or that it will never happen. Dreams are the things that allow us to wake up in the morning and keep on going with the bullshit because we hope that one day we will live our dreams. However, just dreaming about living your dream isn’t enough, you have to take steps towards it, this is where planning comes in.

_DSC0330Daydreaming about your dream and everything you will do while you are living your dream isn’t that health either in my opinion. It makes the dream too big and then you feel like it will never happen, again this is where planning comes in.

Start with your dream, whatever that may be, lay out what your dream really is, what part of all those daydreams is making you truly happy. Then give yourself a timescale to do it in, say 5 years. So you will be living your dream in 5 years (this number is completely up to you and how much time you feel you can invest into trying to live your dream). Now make a plan for the first year of that 5 year period. This doesn’t have to be huge but it has to feel really out of reach from where you are now. Then plan the first month of that year, break down the yearly goals into monthly goals, these should be easier to achieve than the yearly one but still quite hard. Next up, weekly goals, same as before, slowly but surely getting easier and easier. Then daily goals, getting nice and easy now isn’t it!brain-1294854_1280

Doing it this way allows you to keep track of where you are and also hit easy goals every day of the week and then hopefully cross off the weekly goals then the monthly goals then the yearly goals. These should be open to change as well, as you evolve and your dream evolves, your goals should as well but it is a starting block for you to work from.

Now all you have to do is focus on your goals and try and do each goal you set yourself each day. It doesn’t matter how many goals you have a day or how much time you have to do these goals, all that matters is that you do them and that you live your dream.


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