Focus on being less distracted

saying-1501262_1280In this day and age, you have to be really careful about what you are putting into your brain. There is so much noise and “news” out there now that not everything is going to be good to know. A lot of the stories that you see on the internet are either fake, made to scare you, made so you hate someone or something or just simply a bit of fun. Everything on the internet is designed to get views, shares and likes (that’s how you make money on the internet) so it should come as no surprise that everything you see on the internet is designed to give you a reaction.

Most of the things that you see on the internet are owned by someone trying to make money, even memes and fan sites for celebrities are owned by someone simply trying to make money from you. Either with ad clicks or sponsorship. These people can set these sites up and leave them running all day every day without any need for maintenance because Facebook or YouTube does all that work for them.

When I say you have to be careful about what you are putting into your brain, I truly mean it. This isn’t a conspiracy theory or anything like that, it simply a case of not being distracted from your goal. If you have something that you are aiming for then don’t let the distractions distract you. Don’t let society get in the way of you living your dream. Society is made up of people living by association. They believe that these videos, articles, memes and photo represent a life they are leading or want to lead. You have to push through all of this and ignore it to live the life you actually want to live.shield-1519642_1920

Allowing the distractions to distract you will mean that you will get to the end of your life and be nowhere closer to your goals. Turn off the TV, the news, the Twitter feed, the Facebook posts and YouTube and concentrate on
what you bring to the party rather than what other people are bringing to the party. Your opinion on their choice of party booze may get a like or two but that will never help you bring your own booze to the party.


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