Day in the life: 14 – editing photos and rocking out

day in the lifeBefore I start this day in the life I just have to introduce you to the new photo that is going along with the day in the life posts from now on. I said there wouldn’t be any changes following the change of the logo but I was wrong, I got even more bored after I finished work!

I also want to give a mention to a follower by the name of TheSarahDoughty she has been reading through a lot of my older posts today so thank you very much, Sarah! Click her blog name and go and check her out, she’s pretty awesome, even if she does like to torture herself by reading all my posts!

Anyway, the day started off with watching wrestling. I know, I am a child inside, judge me and I shall go and spin in a circle and pretend everything is ok. After that was done, I got to work, I wrote about common running injuries which is quite an interesting topic and befitting for this time of the year, or this time of the 4 years (the Olympics, I could have written that better, no I couldn’t).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I then made the logo which some of seemed to like so thank you for that. I did that all by myself, with the help of the person that created the font in the first place and the editing software, it was all me!

After that I wrote some more blog posts and decided to tart up the photos that go along with these blogs, as you can see, they have words on them now. That’s really about it, I am going to work out after this and then have a read. Oh, and I ordered some new books today and listened to Planet Rock which is the best radio station ever!

See you tomorrow 🙂



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