Time travelling

Tluggage-1149289_1920here have been many times on this trip already where I have felt like I have no time, that I must see, feel, taste and do everything and not stop until everything is completed, not sleep until all is seen and everything is done and then I will be able to relax. However, the more I roam the city, the more I learn from the locals, time almost stands still here. Perhaps because of the heat but there is no need to rush around like a crazy man trying to see it all for I shall die in the heat before I ever see everything.

I must take a leaf out of the locals book, if I see it then I see it if I don’t then it probably wasn’t worth seeing anyway. On my ‘tourist’ trip to some gardens a few days ago I wanted to see and feel everything, it turns out there really wasn’t a lot to see and certainly less to feel, I had more fun walking and roaming the streets when I got back, I guess now I know, though.planter

Time is all around here, there is a lot to do but worrying about what you haven’t done is only wasting more time, if I see it I see it, if I don’t then I will see something else, for time can never be wasted whilst wondering and wandering the streets.

Something I wrote while hauled up in an apartment 2,000 miles from home. No sleep, too much coffee and probably alcohol helped me write this.


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