Day in the life 13: Sunburnt ancient monuments

still-life-851328_1280Happy fucking Monday everyone! Monday is always hard isn’t it! It is hard to get going after a few relaxing days but I have managed to do quite well today. As you will know from my weekend post earlier, I got sunburnt skateboarding yesterday, leaning back in my cheap office chair is not a particularly great feeling so I have, unusually for a Monday, been leaning forward and getting the work done.

I have written everything on the blog today live, apart from this which I am writing 2 hours in advance, it has been a lot of fun writing all this stuff. I have also made a little stand for my white board so now I have my weekly and daily plans sitting on my desk so I can keep track of them.

Earlier on I sent a few proposal off to some people looking for writers. One of these was all about ancient monuments and I really hope I get it because I love history and researching stuff so it is the perfect job for me! It is quite hard to stay cool when you find a job like that, I always just want to say ‘just give me the fucking job, please for the love of god, give me the fucking job’ but you have to be professional I guess.

Now I am off to work out although while you are reading this, I will be done with that and laying on the floor in the fetal position so have that image on your way home. Anyway, happy fucking Monday everyone, I hope yours was as productive as mine and I hope your week is even more productive!


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