Two Thousand miles.


I am two thousand miles from everyone I have ever known, two thousand miles from home, two thousand miles travelled alone. My laziness nearly cost me the best job that I ever had, the job that allowed me to come on this trip, I may be back stacking shelves before the year is through.

I must try harder to not be complacent, I must streetview6stop my mistakes before they change my life, I had it good but now that may change, I must work harder to ensure the only changes to my life are positive. I have no one to turn to, no shoulder to lean on, I am two thousand miles from home with only my lazy, stupid, good for nothing self as company.
I shouldn’t take things so hard and I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, I shouldn’t have become comfortable with something that I can loose so suddenly. I will work hard and I will live my dream, I am not alone, I may be two thousand miles from home but I can achieve anything I want to, I got myself here didn’t I?

The only person who can stop me is mebusride3 and I nearly did just that because I was being a lazy
and comfortable idiot but, no more. I will no longer be too lazy to stop myself from being productive and doing things
right, this is the wake-up call I needed, I will work my life away trying to create a life that I can look back on and smile about.

I must reach for my goal like my life depends on it because, believe me, it does!

Something I wrote while out on an adventure.


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