Skateboarding toward the Olympics

Recently, skateboarding was put into the Olympics, depending on who 20150402_191527you are, this is either good news or fucking terrible news. The good news is that it will get young kids into skating. The bad new is, it is going to show skateboarding in the completely wrong light.

The people that watch skateboarding in the Olympics will think that it is a competition sport and nothing more yet there is a whole other side to skateboarding and a far more important one. Yes the competition side can teach your kid discipline (Mat I did a plug for Discipline Skateboards!) but the other side of skateboarding can teach your kid about equality, adventure and pain being weakness leaving the body, god bless Louie Barletta.

20150711_101622The equality side of skateboarding is that anyone on a skateboard is a friend. whether you like the same music, movies or food, the fact that you both have a skateboard under your feet, means everything. Adventures happen in skateboarding every day you do it. Whether it is finding a new spot to go and skate (3 hours in a car with your best mate is a great way to get close in many different ways) or going to the same spot over and over again to try and land a trick, you will have stories to dine out on for the rest of your life. Oh and pain is weakness leaving the body is from Enjoi Bag of Suck, educate yourselves, it’s fucking great!

I admit, I don’t really care about skateboarding being in the Olympics, it’s the same shit different competition thing. Sponsors and Screenshot_2016-04-05-08-22-05_editedcompetition come and go but skateboarding, equality and adventure will always go hand in hand and last forever.

Plus none of the skaters that I would like to see in the Olympics will pass the drug tests!


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