Good morning

If you read my Day in the Life 11 post, you will know that I was a right miserable fucker yesterday. We all have down days and yesterday was mine. It had been brewing for a while but I back on form today. Ready to write and learn!

After I wrote that post yesterday, I took the rest of the day off, I think I just needed some time to think and some time to evaluate what is important. I put myself under far to much pressure a lot of the time and when that gets to me, I just shut down and tell the world to fuck off. Basically, I have a little tantrum and then pick myself up and get on. I know, I am still a child inside!

Anyway, it’s time to get on and get going with everything. As I didn’t do anything other than act like a child yesterday, I have a crap load to get on with today so I am going to leave this post here and crack on.

Happy Friday, hope yours is as productive as mine needs to be!


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