Day in the Life 12: heading down a tunnel

Today has been a fun day. As you know if you read yesterday’s Day in the Life post, it wasn’t the greatest day I’ve ever had and I took a large portion of it off, it’s cool, we all have days like that I’m sure. So, that meant today, I had a butt load of work to catch up on. I did all of this by noon, I wrote two thousand words, edited 6,000 words and sent them all off to their new homes.

One of the articles was all about carpal tunnel syndrome, hence the tunnel reference, it doesn’t sound like a very fun condition to have and as a writer, there is a chance that I could get it. I also wrote about joint hypermobility in the foot which, apart from all the sprains you get with it, sounds like it might not be so bad to have.

After all this productivity, I got even more productive and did all my washing, I fucking hate doing housework! It never takes long when you just get into it but it’s hard to get into. Oh yea, after I did my washing, I tried to learn how to use a skipping rope, I bought a punching bag about a month ago and a skipping rope came with it so I thought I would try and look like those boxers in the videos. I look like a fool, I can’t do it but I might practise cos I felt like I was going to have a heartache after doing it for half an hour so it must be good for you!

Anyway, that is pretty much my day in a nutshell. Not a lot happened but at least I didn’t have a little hissy fit today and feel good again. Have a good weekend everyone, thank you for reading all of this weird crap I put up, I see a lot of repeat likes and I really appreciate it!

Scott the soon to be skipper!


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