Something Interesting: Homophobia

flag-1184117_1920Before we begin this one I just want to say, this is just my opinion, I am sure that some people may think I am wrong and I might be, none of this is fact, this is just me, on the outside of a subject, looking in. With that said, aren’t homophobic people a bunch of cunts?!? They are vain as fuck people and before you start typing a comment that would only prove my point perfectly, just wait, cos I can prove it.

This thought was given to me by my dad while we were talking about the topic of homophobia. Neither me nor my dad are homophobic but one of my dad’s friends is. He and my dad were in a pub one night and a gay guy walked in, my dad’s mate said something along the lines of ‘oh god, he’s gonna try and fuck me’. This was a long time ago so the actual words have been lost somewhere along the way, I am sure they are at the bottom of a pint glass somewhere but the statement went something like that.

I know this man and he isn’t exactly Johnny Depp if you know what I’m saying. Why on earth does he think this man is attracted enough to him to want to rape him? This got me thinking, men who are homophobic, think that all gay men are attracted to them and want to get down and dirty with them. Why? If I go into a bar and see 10 women, I don’t think they are all attracted to me, I’m ginger so it’s different but you get my point I’m sure. If you are a homophobic dude, calm down, not every gay man wants to bone you, some do, you will be someone’s type, even if your views are stuck in the Stone Age.

The gay marriage debate really proved just how stupid, petty and ridiculous homophobic men really are. Why I hear you asked? It’s simple really, take yourself back to when gay marriage was in the news, how many lesbians did you see talking about the topic? I saw none, I am sure they were in the mix but I don’t watch the news, I don’t need to see a debate about something that should have already been sorted out thousands of years ago. I think this is because lesbians are accepted by homophobic men more because they think it’s hot. An example of this, same bloke as before, two lesbians in a pub slow dancing, ‘that’s a sandwich I’d like to be in’, with my dad thinking, you want to be in a sandwich with two women who wouldn’t want a penis in their sandwich?female-1510264_1920

So, homophobic people (the target audience of the gay marriage debate, everyone else wanted gay people to have the same rights as straight people all along meaning they didn’t need to have a fucking debate) are scared of gay men more than lesbians because porn has taught them that lesbian sex is fun and fucking cool and gay sex is something not to be on the same porn sites as they go on. Of course, some homophobic people also blame god, because he created gay people and they should live in sin for that. If that’s not a statement that makes sense, I don’t know what is!

This article is getting pretty long so it’s time to finish it off. Homophobic people, relax, not every gay man wants to fuck you, they have a type too and it probably isn’t a caveman with his head up his own arse. If you are still against gay marriage then I will leave you with the best quote I have heard on the subject. ‘Don’t marry a gay man’- Jim Jefferies.


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