Day in the life 10: joint hypermobility and arthritis

I didn’t write this yesterday so I thought I would write it today instead. I wasn’t going to write it at all because I didn’t really do anything that interesting, but I made a commitment so I am going to stick to it. My day started as normal, woke up at 5am and started working at 6am. From 6-9 I wrote a something interesting post which went up earlier on, I also wrote about Joint Hypermobility and arthritis in dogs and how stem cell therapy is used to treat it.

Both were quite interesting topics to write but joint hypermobility really caught my interest. The article was all about the condition and what adverse affects it can have on someone. In most cases, the condition doesn’t affect someone in a negativity way. In fact, in the cases of dancers and gymnasts, it can actually benefit them. They are able to move in ways that others find impossible. It can also help musicians by allowing them to get to strings of keys that others can’t.

It would be interesting to see which famous dancers, musicians and gymnasts have or had joint hypermobility over the ages to see what affect it can have on your career. Anyway, that’s what I did and that’s what I learnt.

See you on Day in the life 11,



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