Something interesting about game theory.

Before we begin this I just want to let you know that an idiot (me) will be trying to explain game theory to you in this post. If you doubt that I will be able to do this then you are most likely right and should bugger off and watch A Beautiful Mind. If you have faith in me then thank you but you are clearly as deluded as I am. Anyway, the show must go on, so let’s get cracking.

Game theory is the study of conflicts
as well as cooperation between intelligent, rational decision makers, i.e. not me, I will win even if I am wrong, I will bloody win and I will make you cry. Anyway, game theory is the study of proper people who have their head screwed on facing different shit. It can be easily explained by a scene in a film, not the one from A Beautiful Mind but of course, The Dark Knight!

If you haven’t seen The Dark Knight, you suck, go and watch it because it is incredibleDSCF7705_edited and Heath Ledger is a sexy sexy man! Speaking of Heath ledger, this scene involves the Joker. The scene is set within two boats, one carrying normal peeps and the other carrying murderers, villains and total ball bags. The ships are getting the peeps out of the city, the normal peeps for safety, the ball bags so the Joker can’t get down and dirty with them.

The Joker sets bombs on the ships and gives each ship the other remote detonator, cos he is a swell guy. The people have 10 minutes (I think) to decide to blow the other ship up before they get blown up. If neither ship does it, the Joker will blow them both ‘sky high’, cos, well, he’s a swell guy.

Now, game theory comes into play on the ships, the peeps (normal and ball bags) have a decision to make, do they blow the other one up or not. The normal peeps think they should cos the ball bags have had their chance but then no one has the heart to wipe 400 people off the face of the planet. The ball bags are all up for it as well, cos, well, they are ball bags. However cooler heads prevail and neither do it, the normal peeps realise that they haven’t been blown through their arseholes yet and the ball bags throw their remote out of the window and wait for death cos they don’t want to have a play date with the Joker.

At its roots, this scene shows game theory, two people, or in this case, sets of people, needing to decide on a problem, one outcome will benefit one set of people and the other will benefit both, or in this case neither. Of course, Batman comes in and saves the day and neither peeps nor ball bags get blown out of their arseholes but before that, it’s all about the game theory baby!

If you found this article helpful, confusing, interesting or funny then, you know the rules, you have to share and follow the blog. See ya tomorrow you hockey pant wearing lover mothers!


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