Something interesting: Atoms

This Something Interesting is not going to contain any facts that will be news to people in the know, however, I am writing this article in the hope that those people in the know, can help me understand this topic a little better. Everything you are about to read is just my mind trying to come to terms with science, I love science and find it fucking fascinating but some stuff I read is really hard to comprehend.

I have been reading Bill Bryson’s book, A Short History of Nearly Everything, a fantastic book that I recommend you read. I have just finished reading about atoms and Bill does a great job in breaking down these complex and complicated descriptions that scientist have put forward and puts them into words that even I can understand.

However, the atom one is a mind fuck of the highest order. Its says that when you sit in a chair, you are not actually sitting in it at all but instead floating above it by a hundred millionth of a centimetre. How the fuck is that possible, we are all X-men! Apparently, this is because the electrons of the chair and our electrons repel each other. But then I thought, well how the fuck can I feel the chair I am sitting in? I am sitting in a chair right now and I am telling you that I can feel it!

Am I instead feeling the electrons that are repelling me? As a result of this, have we never actually felt anything? If nothing has ever touched anything, why does sound (a by-product of things hitting into each other) happen? And why are the sounds different? If you hit two snooker balls together and two footballs, why is the sound different when it is the electrons making the noise? Is that because of the different amount of electrons? Ahhh, fuck this is witchcraft and mind fuckery!

So many questions, I am hoping someone can answer them. Like I said, I love science, this isn’t me shitting on it at all, this is me trying to comprehend it. Please, if you know where I can find the answers to the questions above, leave a link in the comments. Thanks for reading this, sorry for the dumb questions but I have to ask them to understand.


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