Day in the Life 9

Today hasn’t been the greatest day in regards to productivity. This morning I wrote about speed limits for a fleet management company and their blog on LinkedIn. After that, I got the Something Interesting post ready to go up (scroll down to have a read of that). After that, I worked out, something I do most days but rarely mention because it’s all boring stuff, I just don’t want to get fatter than I already am.

After that, I haven’t really done much honestly. I am really drained still from all the writing I did on Saturday last week. Hopefully, tomorrow will get me over the hump and I will be able to get back to my regularly scheduled programming.

When I started this day in the life busy, I thought I would only write about the good days to try and show people that everyone can live their dream. However, it is important to write about the lazy days as well, it lets you know that no one is perfect and yet they can still live their dream. Of course, after days like these, I know that I am going to have a long day tomorrow but I am actually looking forward to it.

Anyway, I hope you liked this look at my day, sorry it isn’t that interesting but hopefully, tomorrow will be.



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