Writers Block

In the Day in the Life on Saturday, I told you guys about writing 8,000 words. I was really pleased with all the work that I got done on that personal project, I felt like it went in the right direction and I was happy that I didn’t just sit on my bum all day doing nothing.

I am writing this live so it is 1pm on Monday and I have really struggled to get going today. I am not sure if I used all of my creative juices on Saturday or what it is but I am finding it really hard to get words on paper. Even this blog post is taking me a lot longer than it should.

I am like a lot of other writer’s in how I get over writer’s block. I have spoken to a few people about this and we have all said the same thing. If you have writer’s block, the best thing that we have all found is to write about writers block. Write about how annoying it is or how you are finding it hard to come up with ideas or anything. Just write until you can’t write anymore.

It sounds dumb, I know it does, but it does work. Give it a try next time you have write block and see if it helps. I think writer block comes from writing so much that you get everything off your mind and so by writing about writing block and not stopping until you can’t write anymore, you basically run out of writer’s block, if that makes sense.

Hope this helps you, if it does, give it a like and share it. See you tomorrow.



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