A random thought provoking post

It’s Saturday and it’s early. I am writing this live but I have been up since 5, 5am on a Saturday, I am sure everyone thinks that’s a little bit extreme but I hate wasting the day. I hate waking up at 11am with a lot of the day already gone. Even when I do not have a plan for the day, I still get up early. I think that if I wake up, I can now do anything I want with my day.

I think getting up early every day comes from the realisation about a year ago that we are all dying. I’m sure you have heard about these amazing people who, when they find out they have a certain amount of time left, they do everything they have ever wanted to do. The realisation that death comes a knocking so quickly propels them to act and seek adventure.

I think we all have to face facts that we do not have much time on this planet. We do not have the time to waste to wake up late, to not read, not travel, not laugh, not cry, not jump out of a plane. We have to do everything and anything at every moment of our lives. We have to be selfish and kind at the same time, we have to be aware of our mortality in order to do everything that makes us feel alive.

Of course, it’s your life and I am not telling you how to live it. If you want to get up at 11am and chill out because it is your only day off, I don’t blame you. All I am saying is, on your next day off, try to do something that you never thought you would do. Whatever that may be, watch a film you never thought you would watch, read a book you always passed by, go for a dawn walk, go and play in the park even though you’re nearly 30. Do something that makes you feel different to the normal you and I promise you it won’t be time wasted.

In the situations where we feel out of control, we are at our most alive.


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