Day in the life 6

Well, it’s a Friday so I have had a rather chilled day. I got up at 4am due to my dogs being flustered and thought that I might as get on with my day so I could have an early finish, oh yeah, of course, that always goes to plan.

I started off by posting something on the blog (scroll down if you want to see that) then I actually started to sort out my taxes a bit ready for the big day. That may seem boring as all fuck, and it is, but you do get a sense of calm once you are all finished with them.

After that, I wrote another blog post about bosses which I hope you will all like and now I am writing this one. I have also got another article to write for a client which I have started doing research for and that should come out how they want it to.

I really like the writing clients that tell you exactly what they want, how they want, when they want it and then just leave you alone to write it. All my clients are like that (I am lucky now, I haven’t always been this lucky) they all hand me something to write and just let me get on with it. I guess it comes from them trusting me as I have delivered them what they wanted before.

Yeah, that has been my day so far, a lot of replying to emails and writing so far. Just like most other days. I am hoping to spice these days up soon by doing little bits and pieces that I don’t normally do because I think you lot are going to get pretty tired of me writing about what you should be doing while you are reading this.

Anyway, that’s my day. See you Monday!


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