Living your dream


I wanted to have a chat about living dreams this morning because I think it is the most important thing in the world to do. I think it is also important to understand that most people living their dreams are not living the dream they started daydreaming about, let me explain.

My dream was to be a writer, after daydreaming for a while, I wanted to be the next Kerouac, I wanted to travel from New York to LA or San Fran and get into crazy adventures along the way. You only have to go back and read the early work on this blog to see this daydream in written form. Then I realised, the world doesn’t need another Kerouac, they already have the OG Kerouac, why do they need a ginger copy of him?

So, my dream was dead then? No, not at all, my daydream was dead. You have to understand that dreams are like the world we live in, they evolve and they change. There’s nothing with that but there was no point in me hanging on to that daydream, it was a kids daydream of going to the moon. You have to let your dream evolve, not die, but we aren’t all going to be J K Rowling. But what does that matter? That doesn’t mean we can’t be writers. I am not saying don’t dream big, all I am saying is dream big once you’ve found out who you are, don’t try to copy someone else’s dream.

Allow your dream to evolve like you allow your life to evolve, allow it grow and shrink and to change completely and then return to the simple idea it started off as. My simple dream, to begin with, was I wanted to write, now I am a writer. I am no Jack Kerouac but I am living my dream and it is still evolving.

Everyone should try and live their dreams but live YOUR dream, break it down into the simple form that it started off as, before you started daydreaming about your dream, and try to live that. As your dream evolves and grows, you might just get to the moon after all but by living your dream, not your daydream.

Daydream success happens in the blink of an eye, dream success happens when you slowly but surely learn to fly.



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