The map on my wall

There is map right in front of me right now. it has been on my wall for about a week now and every time I look at it I get the little shot of adrenaline that I am sure you all get, it is like the body asking, with child-like excitement, ‘where to next’? I honestly have no idea what the answer to that question is.

All I know is that I have been to a few places on that map but when I look at, the portion of exploration is still tiny, it barely scratches the surfaces of the possible exploration. I can see all the places I have been and see all the places that are still waiting for me.

The map makes the world seems so big and so small all at the same time, so big because there still so much for me discover and so small because it all seems in reach. I could simply place my finger anywhere on that map and head out on a new adventure. Perhaps travel the roads of America like Kerouac or the roads of South America like Che, or travel in a bus like Kesey. Perhaps just go find an island somewhere and have a crab carry my bag.

There is so much left to do in this world and such little time to do it in! The map on my wall is waiting for me to pick my next adventure, it understands that time is running out for the both of us.


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