Day in the life of a freelance writer

Today has been so much fun. I know these updates are beginning to sound corny a lot of the time but what can I say, I love my job! My day started like every day, with a lot of coffee. After that, I checked my emails, replied to people and went on twitter @gssblog if you want to follow me on there.

Then it was on to the writing, I wrote all morning about some really interesting stuff. First was a blog about Arthritis in dogs, which I always find interesting and a bit difficult to write as I have dogs. Then I wrote about scoliosis, which is a crazy condition that affects your spine and I had to write about kids getting metal rods in their backs to straighten them. That wasn’t a very pleasant image in my mind so I went and had a break after that.

When I clocked back in, I went on the jobs sites and had a look for some work and found this really cool opportunity to be part of something pretty new and exciting. I have now spent the better part of the afternoon editing everything I wrote this morning, chatting to the people behind this project and thinking of the subject matter for the test article that I am going to write tomorrow morning.

All in all its been a really good day! Meet some new people, learnt some new stuff and had a lot of fun doing it! See you tomorrow for another update, I hope it is as good as this one.




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