Monday Funday, the life of a writer

I find it hard to get going on a Monday morning, just like everyone else. This Monday has been really fun so far though, I have created an article all about Pokemon Go which should be quite laugh when it comes out. I have been in touch with past clients and I have been researching other articles that I am going to write for other people.

My blog always begins to fall behind when I start sending my clients works that I have written off my own back, not this one but my other blog, as the stories I write on there are the ones I write off my own back. However, some that I feel work quite well, I send out to clients. As the Joker says “if you’re good at something, never do it for free”. I know I probably shouldn’t take advice from people like the Joker but I think it’s a good idea and if I don’t send it then I’ll never know if people would be up for paying for it!

So, that is how my Monday has been so far. It is so hot today! I need to buy some sort of fan, reminds me of when I went to Marrakesh and had air con only this time, I don’t have air con, or a bookshop down the street that serves beer. It’s nothing like Marrakesh actually!


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