Writing 100% unique keyword enriched blog posts

I had a lot of fun this morning, creating two blog posts enriched with keywords. Unfortunately I can’t give you a sneak peak at them otherwise, all the hard work of making them unique would be for nothing. However, they were a lot of fun to write and edit and I am looking forward to writing some more for the client tomorrow.

One of the blogs was a medical advice blog in which I wrote about tips for healthy feet, there was also some information about keeping smelly feet at bay, which is quite handy as I am a skateboarder and exercise can often mean smelly feet.

The other blog was all about stem cell treatment for dogs. An interesting article to write and an interesting article to research. the research portion of this article was particularly difficult, as there is a lot of research to read and understand. Thankfully though, I got it to the client on time and under budget.

Well, another day in the life of a freelance writer has come to an end, not really but thought it sounded good. Thank you for reading this post, if you have any work SEO website content, blogs or articles you need researched and written then please feel free to get in touch.


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