Lunch break with a freelance writer

This morning I have spent my time writing a script for a TV advert. The advert was based on an idea I had that I thought an animal charity could use. The basic frame work of the ad is done, by which I mean, I have written the first draft.

That is something to bare in mind, I think. When I was younger, I had the idea that one draft was good enough and hated people telling me any different and that the draft I had written needed work. Now that I am older, I realise that you have to work hard on things to get them right. You also have to know when it’s time to let them go out into the world. You have to pay attention to all details and also take a step back a view it from different angles then release them into the wild and be prepared for people to see mistakes that you didn’t.

So, the first draft is done, I have no idea what I am going to do with it but I may give it to a friend to check over as this is only the second script I have written but I like to challenge myself. Learning new skills and being passionate about taking advice on board is the only way you can make it in this world, I think.


Thanks for the comment

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