Freelance writer, afternoon

For most of today, I have been researching and looking for other blogs to write. This is mostly what I do on Thursday’s as I try my best to get all of my clients work to them by Wednesday so they have it before the deadline of Friday. This sometimes doesn’t work but I always get them out by the deadline.

I have also been working on the script from this morning a little more which is coming along nicely and working on blog posts for my other blog. You can check the other blog out here and if you like it then follow along with that one too. It is quite a lot different to this one which is why I thought I would separate them into different sites.

So, before I clock out for the day, I am going to check up on some leads to jobs, check my emails and bid my laptop a found farewell for the evening.

Thanks for checking out the blog, if you like it then give it a follow, I try to write at least twice a day on this one.


Thanks for the comment

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