Spending the afternoon with a freelance writer

Well, I have spent most of this afternoon follow up leads to jobs, I hope I have some cool emails in my inbox when I wake up tomorrow. The best part about this job is that you can write for people all over the world. That can be a down side as well, if you have to have meeting about the work that you need to do then you may have to get up in the middle night, but grab a coffee and put a smile on your face cos you’re doing the job you love.

I love what I do and the more work I put in, the more work I get out of it. I am prepared to work the hours others won’t because I love what I do and want my clients to have someone writing for them who is passionate and up for the challenge. To do creative work, you have to love to create and love to work!

Well, I am going to keep working on some leads now, happy hunting. If you have any blogs, articles or website content that you need writing then please get in touch.


Thanks for the comment

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