Day in the life of a freelance writer

Today I have been writing about a lot of common medical conditions. One of these was all about pain in the ball of your foot. Something I have some experience with as, when I was younger, I fractured my metatarsal, I was in a cast for about a week I believe. This experienced helped me out a lot with the article. It is quite strange how things that have happened to you in the past can really help you out in this job.

In total I have written 2,000 words this morning, 4 blog post in total, all of which are 100% unique and keyword enriched. They are have already been delivered to the client even though my deadline was Friday, feels good to get some high quality articles to your client before deadline day!

Now I am going in search of some more exciting and interesting SEO blogs, articles and website content to write. If you have anything you need a highly experienced SEO writing specialist to write then please feel free to get in touch.


Thanks for the comment

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