There is a hole in it and here’s why

Well, before I get completely distracted by the lathe and stand in front of it all day, I thought I would tell you about a vase that I recently made and that recently went up on my etsy shop. Now some of this information is already up on Etsy but it is less in depth, so don’t judge me for flogging a dead horse!

This vase started life as, I believe, an apple tree.DSCF7441 It was sat in a garden just doing its thing and the person decided they hated apples and want to destroy any evidence that apples ever existed. So, my mate, a landscape gardener, went round and cut the tree down. This tree would normally just have gone on their firewood pile but as he knows about my addiction, he saved it from that and gave it to me so I could get my fix for a few more months.

I let it dry a bit in the shed and thenDSCF7442 turned a crap load of things with it, like I said, I have a problem! One of the last things I turned was this vase. It started from the most ugly section of the wood. There were natural holes and ugliness all over the place so I had no idea how it would turn out (a recurring theme in my shed!) I think it came out well and I ended up with this vase that has no use. So, I guess you could say its a piece of art, or someone trying to justify making something completely pointless!

If you want to find out more about this vase or give it a good home then click here
, she is ready, waiting and bloody sexy!


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