Making something rather than excuses.

There are many people on the internet that love to make stuff but there are plenty more that love making excuses. ‘if I had 10 thousand pounds of equipment, I could make that as well’. ‘If I had more space then I to could be dong what I just watched you do’

Let me tell you a secret that you probably already know. All woodworking equipment is designed to save you time. A circular saw can make cutting ply wood really easy yet you could use a £5 saw if you wanted to. A drill can be used to screw that ply wood together yet you could just use a screw driver.

Basically, everything we have invented in the history of the world is designed to save us time, spears, bow and arrows, cars, planes, everything! There are many other ways of making things that you can do on the cheap with a little bit of elbow grease. If you have the right attitude then nothing is impossible, you can make whatever you can think of, just give it a go, rather than making excuses, make something else instead.


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