3 ways of making ‘money’ as a creative person

3 ways of making ‘money’ as a creative person

1. How about you give that to me and I’ll give you…

Instead of waiting for some money and trying to recover some of the cost that you have invested in that product why not give it to me for free. In exchange I will give you something that you don’t want and that you can get for free any other time of the year. I think that it would really benefit both of us, I mean that thing you just put all your blood sweat and tears into didn’t really take that long any way did it?

2. Do this work for some free promotion.

Rather than promoting yourself and building your own following by making things that actually represent who you are, make stuff that we tell you to make for free and we will post it to our social media. We will own all of the rights to your products, we will own all your photos and can shit on you whenever we like but we will also post a photo of your product on social media when we feel like it. Oh and don’t even think about selling any of OUR products while you work for us.

3. “I’ll take that for a discount”

That thing that took you 4 hours to make and another 12 hours thinking about is far to over priced at £50 but I like it and I’ll take it at a huge discount. Don’t worry though, I have 5 friends on Facebook and the same 5 friends on Twitter and I will post a photo on both of them so you are sure to get another sale. Oh, my friends are just like me so maybe you should give me a discount code for them to use. Discount code: GOFUCKYOURSELF.


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