I do not care if the world thinks I am mad, if I do not conformglassesshadow to your rules then so be it, it does not make me crazy or a fool it makes me me, I need to not to fit in as I want to understand me, I will not understand me if I am in your clothes or your shoes. Judge me please, I do not care, I will forever be mad in your eyes for I shall never conform.

I shall never be the same as the masses, I will not use the latest hashtag or wear the latest fashion to fit in. I will not owe my existence to the artlatest trends and I shall not claim that all of my ideas are original simply to be the big fish in a small town.

I do not care if you think that I am fat or skinny or have the dress sense of a hobo, I don’t care, I simply do not care what you think.
I shall never be power hungry nor hungry for money, I just want to have my life and live it my way, if that makes me mad in your eyes then so be it, I have no time to care.


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