Another adventure in Marrakech

No sleep, no money and adventure, now that is a combination that has gone hand in hand throughout my life. Travelling across Europe with only 5 hours sleep on the whole trip and many other adventures that would spoil this one if I were to mention them here. This no sleep, no money and adventure thing has yielded many an exciting time in the past and today was no exception.leatherwork2

The day started at 1am, as I awoke on the sofa after falling asleep there mid sentence about 8 hours earlier, I got up, had a smoke, a coffee and argument with myself. This is normally how my day starts, an early morning argument between two sides of me, one telling me what I should do and the other telling me that there is no way I can do it, after several hours of this internal, sometimes external, argument we agreed that we should do the thing half of me didn’t want to do and this was take a tourist bus around the city, now before you stop reading, I never took the tourist bus in the end, oh no, that was far too sensible.

You see, finally when my more stupid side wins out and doesn’t listen to reason or knowledge we are all up for some fun, whether we want to go or not, once that part of me is in charge you may as well hand the keys of your car over to a toddler and tell them to go play.

So it was set, a tour of Marrakech, the tour itself worried me a bit, the Souks are really not my place, I have seen them 3 times so far and have not been thrilled by them, there is far too many people all acting interested to get your money, so I leatherwork4didn’t want to go to the Medina really.

On the tour that I was originally going to go on I could have simply past the Souks and everything would have been fine, I arrived for the 9am tour at 8:45 because the sensible side of me didn’t want to be late, I waited at the start point and had a smoke.

Then a man approached me, a nice man we shall call Ian as I do not remember his name in the confusion of what transpired between me and Ian. He sparked up a conversation and said that he could take me on a tour of Marrakech, at first I said no but after him talking and talking, I thought, ‘what the hell, it’ll be fun’, I got in his taxi and off we went.

After about 15 minutes of thinking I was being driven to my death Icamel2 decided that if that was so there was no point in fearing it and so I relaxed. We stopped at a bunch of camels in some garden things, the gardens were little pieces of deserts, a few palm trees and some camels, he said I could ride one, I said no thanks, the amount of time I have spent on a skateboard in my life, I did not fancy my death to come from a camel plus I have already ridden one in the Sahara Desert when I was younger, and my mum was paying…

The next stop was a Berber Village this stop I must say was interesting, there was a guide to meet me who charged me a small amount for the words he spoke and I got to see a tannery and what they did with the leather afterwards,leather3 they give you mint as you walk in because the smell is, well they kill things and then soak their skin in their urine, it smells like exactly that. It smelt like a farm to me, only everything was dead and so there was no need for fields, just big vats of stuff with people chest deep in them.

I got taken to a shop after this where two men showed me a lot of stuff I could buy, I didn’t really want any of it although it was wonderful stuff, just not my thing. I had finished the tea they gave me, I thought it would be hard to leave I offered them money, they gave it back to me and waved goodbye, they were nice people and I am sure many other tourists would have come along later and filled their pockets.rugs

After this, the journey took a little sour note, clearly Ian knew that I wasn’t the guy he should have picked up, I don’t have deep pockets, which I don’t, I also don’t want a carpet or a rug, I have no need for them, my wallet is of the finest leather, I know because I bought it last time I was here. After Ian realised my wallet was empty and that he needed to return back to the pick up point to scout a little more, he dropped me off at some gardens just outside the city, he said I had to pay now and that he would wait for me, guess what, he didn’t, luckily I have a sim card here with internet and I was up for the walk until I saw another taxi and thankfully this man was nice enough not to show me around but instead dropped me where I want to go.

The gardens were beautiful and so is the city and the people, temple2this trip was amazing, I may have paid a little more than I should have, I may have thought I was going to die in the beginning and I may have been dropped off 3km away from where I wanted, but it worth it. The things I saw I wouldn’t have seen otherwise and it was an adventure.

I am glad I made it back to my apartment though!


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