Following a pattern is not creative, creating the pattern is. I have just seen something on internet that reminded of this. A post from a knitting forum that is talking about creative people leaving a mess and not cleaning the house up because they are too busy being creative. I wonder how many of these people actually created the patterns that they are working towards.

I have nothing against knitting at all, I am sure it is a very relaxing past time, but following a pattern is not creative, creating the pattern is. Finding a way to make something happen that no one thought possible, that’s creative, not following the directions on a packet. Creating a meal with no recipe is creative, not going online and seeing how to boil an egg.

Being creative doesn’t mean that you have to change the world or even a small part of it but you have to see that painting by numbers is not creative, following directions and trends is not creative, creating a trend, a pattern, a lifestyle, a piece of art that can be enjoyed by the uncreative is what is creative.

Now I know this very article is not creative as I am sure there are millions of people out there who have written this exact article before and I am happy to expect that perhaps none of the thoughts that I have had have been particularly creative. However, I will always try to be creative and live a creative life because no one else can design your life, you are the creator of your own life, not trends, not fashions, not judgement from others you, get creative and get living, do not live life to other peoples patterns.


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