Against the Grain

You can do anything, be anyone, see everything, you don’t have to let society’s rules dictate who you are, if there is something that you want to do then fucking do it, don’t stop, never stop. Live the life that you want to live.leather1

In this world you can either work a job you hate and die and be forgotten, or live a life you love and give other people permission to do the same, you see when someone sees something is possible they will do it. You can leave your mark on the world by leaving behind a story about a person who was told no by society but did it anyway.

Who the fuck is society to tell you its not cool anyway, I skate, I have a beard and I wear vans (to skate in, their intended use) now all of a sudden I am cool because I am doing something that society has decided is cool even though I’d be doing it without society’s permission.sandsky

I say that fuck that, you can be cool by not following the trends and the latest fashions, not fitting in and going against the grain because if you follow then all you would have done with your life is follow, never lead.

Oh and for those thinking you aren’t cool, you are wrong, no matter your dress size, if you work out or not, if you have the latest fashion, your race, your creed. None of that matters, you are cool if you don’t fit in, if you fit in no one can see how cool you are because all of the other sheep are in the way pretending that they aren’t different on the inside just like you.

Go insane, go against the grain, its a lot of fun!


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