I want to change the world, we need to change the world, this world must evolve and grow, we must care for Mother Nature, she is very old now and needs looking after, just in the way that she has looked after all of us all of these years, she hasfireshadow provided us food and water all of our lives and kept us alive, now we must do the same for her.

But how? When the world is run by suits after money stopping at nothing to get this money, how? We must suit up, passion can be our suit and love our tie, we shall go fourth and say enough is enough we are taking back our planet, you have beaten her to an inch of her life now it is time for us to care for her and get her well again.

Our generation now has an important role to play in the world, we must not boxes1following in our parents and grand parents footsteps we must take care of the earth so she is here to take care of our grand kids and theirs.

We must save the world and Mother Nature from the suits and ties and all their lies, she is a slave to them, making oxygen in a factory to keep them rich and happy.


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