Adventure away from the city: part three

The bus back to the city allowed me a quick 20 minute nap while the knight in shining amour was at the wheel doing what he did best. After I woke up and enjoyed the end of the amazing countryside and the beginning of the city, we arrived back in the heart of Marrakech, the Medina, where everything and nothing happens.busride3

On this particular day what happened when we arrived was my bus driver had a fight with another bus driver, about a bus drivers disagreement of some kind, as everyone stood and watched I snapped a photo, I continued to walk as this wasn’t the first disagreement I had seen in Marrakech, they are quickly resolved once the parties realise that it is simply to hot to fight.

As I walked I lit a cigarette, a normal thing to do in my country when I step off of a bus, of course this is Marrakech and this was the Friday, the last day of Ramadan, a few gents had already taken notice of me, what with my photo taking, my tattoos and white skin, I think they may have had an idea that I wasn’t from these parts.cityview

I heard some whispers behind me and then when I lit my smoke I heard more whispers and words, I felt as thought I was in an animal documentary,; “see now if you will this wild creature from a land far away, he looks a wild one with his tattoos and cap on backwards to protect his neck from the sun we are use to, forgetting that the skin is just as white on his face, he sweats, he smokes, he is the devil, we should have nothing to do with him”.

So I walked from the bus stop to somewhere I was going, I wasn’t quite sure at thatwomensitting time where I was going to go, it was quite a pleasant walk as no one wanted to bother the devil man. As I was in the Medina I decided to go to the Souks, this would be my fourth time here and each time I hadn’t particularly enjoy it however, I decided to go for a while and see the madness. The decision to go was made for me, anyone I have spoken to from back home while I have been here kept asking if I had been so I thought, if I go then I can say yes and they shall stop asking.

As I said, this was my fourth trip to the Souks and it will quite possibly be my last.


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