Adventure away from the city: part two

The main street of Amizmiz is the only street that is tarmac, I guess to give the tourists a place to walk and roam while feeling safe, the rest are stony, dirt roads with pot holes the size of craters on the moon. I arrived before most of the town had woken up and so I had the town mostly to myself for a while.amizmiz

I looked every where throughout the roughly made streets, the buildings were wonderfully put together, as most of them were not quite complete you could see the Moroccan handy work all around. The shutters on the shops keeping me from breakfast were so beautiful that even graffiti artist wouldn’t dare to put a lick of paint on them, each had its own style and own amazing colour.

I walked the town 4 times, checking on the hotel each time I past and finally, after my last trip past the hotel confirmed that it was indeed still shut and locked up to protect it from guests, I decided I had seen enough. I fell in love with the place and the views of the Atlas Mountains that will be with me forever more.

Every street, every ally, every mechanic in town had a view that you only ever see in films, the Atlas Mountains greeting them each and every morning before they started their hard days work in the gruelling heat. This morning I was pretty much the only person on the streets to welcome the mountains streetview3into the new day, me and them, I was fine with that agreement.

After a broken conversation with a Berber man, him only speaking French and Arabic and me speaking nothing, barely the language I was born in to due to not speaking it for two   weeks with any serious conviction, I boarded the bus back. The man I spoke to was great, no sales pitch, no hidden agenda, he just wanted to talk and I was happy to.

The streets were getting a little too busy with people trying to make a living and the mountains and their call were being constantly interrupted by the sounds of mopeds and the call of the locals “my friend”, I had seen what I wanted to see, I had seen the mountains from up close and it was time to return before the sun burnt me any more than it already had.signtothehills

I bought another bottle of water and some cigarettes and went and stood at a bus stop, the only way I knew it was a bus stop was because I had already seen others tourists waiting there for their knight in shining armour to take them home.


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