Adventure away from the city: part one

Yesterday I took a trip, I ventured out of the city to cement my love for this country. I went to a village called Amizmiz, a wonderful village that as soon as you arrive you can sense the modernisation, this is of course to ensure that the tourists feel comfortable there, but I do feel that they have rather missed the point of getting out of the city for awhile.

I took a humble Moroccan bus to this village, to get to the bus it was a simple journey, to a simple bus stop by taxi, the taxi driver aimed his taxi towards it perfectly after a broken conversation about where I wanted to go and me not really knowing and after a £2 taxi ride, I was waiting with the locals.busride1

The locals were off for a day or a week out of the busy city and I was following along as it seemed like a wonderful idea. After a short wait that felt like an age, as it always does when you aren’t sure if you are in the right place and have child like excitement about the day ahead and as I am still a child I do hate waiting, we finally hit the road.

The journey took just over an hour to complete with an expert driver at the helm. At times I thought we were going far too fast, that the old bus with its new when the bus was new tyres and the roads which were as new as tyres, just couldn’t keep these kind of speeds up but the bus driver made sure the bus stuck to the road. potsWith sheer drops to one side of the road I can say with a lot certainty that I fell in love with a bus driver that day, a knight in shining armour when we needed one most.

When we got to the village in one piece, I saw out of the window the hotel I had a booked a room in go zooming past and so at the next stop I jumped out with the others going to other places, the hotel I had made a booking in was closed and remained closed for the entire time I was in town.signmountains

I decided that I would forget about the possibilities of having to sleep on the streets and vowed to walked the entire town and explore and I did just that, I found a wonderful little place to purchase water from and I was set for a few hours of walking, maybe I would find a good place to sleep in the warm sand somewhere.


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