My Brain

My brain is a mystery, trapped in a box, locked in a world where it doesn’t belong. stormI have tried my hardest to break my brain out of this box over the years but I never had the key. I think I have the key now, the key is to forgive yourself for your past failures, for all of the stupid things that you have done and everything that you regret doing and not doing.

These are the things that stop you from doing the things that you want to now, these are the things that allow you to be scarred and feel fear, these are the things that we are poisoning ourselves with each and everyday we think about them. Learn from these mistakes, regrets and failures and set them free, set yourself free.

How you use your freedom is really up to you, I am going to work hard to make sure that mine isn’t wasted, not for a second, it has been caged for too long, now my freedom has no lock nor door, now I have given myself permission to soar, I mountainsinsightshall take a leap because a leap is all I have, I don’t know what a world without regrets looks like, only children do, we will always have regrets but the key is to not let them control your life, don’t let mistakes you made in your past dictate who you are in the present, you can be anyone you want to, as long as you set yourself free.


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