Is it the travel or the destination?

Going on your travels is a big thing. For many thousands of years now humans have been exploring the globe but why, is it the travel they seek, or thebusride3 destination? We aren’t talking holidaying here we are talking travelling, going to place known or unknown to explore, to see what is around every corner, to feel the thrill of being lost and speaking to the locals in a broken language simply to have someone to talk to, not sitting by a pool drinking cocktails.

The travelling part of a holiday for example, is an inconvenience at best, it needs to be over quickly to get to the hotel and relax by the pool, get a tan, have a drink, go to the English themed pub around the corner every night then fly home with some duty free smokes to last you a few weeks. The travelling then is just really in the way of cocktails by the pool.

So what is your version of cocktails by the pool? The thrill of it all, the ride by train or the smell of the streets, the streets that are simply begging to be explored, the toothless smiles of the bums on the street because bums all around the world are the most happy people in the world as they have no life to live and this means they are truly free.

If travel broadens the mind then surely the destination doesn’t matter, you could travel the world with the only destination being home and come back full of knowledge, I know this is a dumb remark and that travelling involves many destinations and I am not having a go at holiday makers in any way, I have had many holidays in my life and enjoyed them a lot.donk

This post is simply to see how you feel, is it the travel or the destination? Can you stay in one place for while or do you get the itch? Is the destination just the end goal of an adventure or does the adventure begin at the destination?


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