Predictive Travel

I must travel lighter so I can explore more, I must explore the core of everything,busride2 get down and dirty and see the world, not from the outside looking in but from the beautiful beating heart and the endless soul of everything that I have ever wanted to see.

I must work my way across the land and feel and see everything along the way. Staying in one place is not an option any more as the longer I stay here the more I yearn for more. I feel I have seen all there is to see here and as this is my third time here, I believe I am coming close.

Perhaps if I take more risks and chances, I shall see the world while I am here and this is something that I must do, however, with being here for such a long time I do feel that I have already become comfortable and comfortable is really not the manridingright frame of mind to be in while trying to explore, you must be out of your comfort zone, doing things you have never done, walk towards the fire not hide in fear of it.

I must make sure that my next adventure is not as long to make sure that I do not get comfortable, simply get in, explore the world around me and leave, feeling alive and inspired to see more. That way I shall always want to return and it won’t ever feel that I have outlived a place.

I must go for adventure and not to live as if we live then we live the way we have always lived, predictably, where as adventure, nobody can predict adventure.

I must travel lighter to make sure adventure is always within my grasp, I can leave when I like and continue until I find the next light.


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