Moroccan Dream

The first time Marrakech stole my heart was during my the first time here,menonthestreets we had read a book for tourist to follow to the letter and so we knew about the beggars and were ready for them, they walk the streets with you, hand on your shoulder, behind you, in front of you, making you feel so uncomfortable that you have to give them some money so they leave you alone, if you can ignore them for long enough they will leave you alone and if you never say a word to them they won’t even bother following you, a tip to anyone coming out here.

However, there was a homeless gent outside our hotel everyday of our trip, I knew he was homeless as we saw him sleeping in a hole under the hotel many a night and so was either homeless or a method actor and might as well be homeless.

For the entire time we were there he never asked for a penny or a cent, however, one day when we walked passed I had just lit up a cigarette and he asked for a smoke, I gave him one and my lighter, he lit it, gave my lighter back, said thank you and we went on our way.

Then the second time we spoke to him we came upon a wonderful scene, it was a very hot day and it was at the time of the day when the sun was at its highest and strongest and so everyone was seeking shade. He was in the middle of a game of cardinthedirt2cards with a construction worker, building the hotel next to ours and what can only be described as a business man, in a suit and tie, all sitting on wooden apple boxes surrounding a makeshift table made from a wooden apple box as well.

This scene touched my heart, it truly sums up Marrakech to me, every member of society conversing, laughing and playing cards together. No matter where you are in the food chain here you can still be a part of society and relax in the shade during the day and have a game of cards.

There is simply togetherness here in Marrakech, I wish I could have learned more about the game they were playing, I wished I could have joined them a while, I wish England and all other countries were the same.skyline1

I gave him another cigarette, he thanked us and we went on our way. Our day out didn’t seem that important now, we had already seen the thing that we were searching for, the thing that made this trip worth while, the thing that made our very existence worth while, that Marrakech is beautiful and so are the people.


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