Stray Freedom

Just like a pet gone astray I shall return from this freedom changed. A stray never catquite knows where home is, that is to say that a stray who has lived with freedom a while shall die inside once locked back in their cage. No life should ever be as simple as born, put in a cage and die in a cage. You must release the true nature of a stray, let them go out into the world and see if they return.

See if they return to you lonely and scared of their travels that didn’t live up to their dreams and didn’t give them the freedom they searched for while under lock and key or return a fearless dog beast that lives out of the cage and out of the box for the remainder of their lives ever thanking of the trip that set them free.

Wild is now concept, spoke of in books, films and TV but seldom seen or heard of anywhere else, if the wild is a concept then so is a cage. A stray norightwayhas no need for concepts all the they need is freedom to think, freedom to feel, freedom to live in a world that they choose to live in. no chains, no lock, no underlying fear that nothing is real, just stray freedom.

We must learn to live out of the cage, only then can we think outside the box.


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