Everyday I wake up and get shouted at, this city screams at me, it tells me to explore it, to walk the streets because just a simple walk along the streets here is full of magic and wonder, full of longing for something that I can never had.buildingwork

At home I rush from A to B like there is nothing along the way, rushing with blinkers on to the destination like the journey doesn’t matter, the journey always matter. There is always something to see, something to learn, here A to B doesn’t matter to me it is the things I see in between that is most important.

courtinafortThe things I become a part of just by walking past them, the smiles, the waves, the interested looks from people doing the same as me. They look, they see, they feel and touch a city that is forever changing and can not settle on a single idea.

Perhaps that is why I love this city so, we are the same, everyday an idea pops intoseats my mind, a great idea that must be pursued right away or be lost forever, yesterdays idea being thrown out like the trash.

Everyday this city has a wonderful idea, everyday this city changes, everyday people sit and watch, not the clocks or the flocks of tourists go by. They simply watch the city to see everything at once, they watch everyday to see a new city moulded from old clay.


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