The start

Over the next few weeks, months or however long this goes on without boredom coming to mind for you or the author, this blog is going to be recapping the events, adventures, feelings and boredoWelcome to Marrakechms of what the author did along trips and tribulations, much of what you will read happened a long time ago, all is true and as none of what you will read is set to be remarkable you will know this to be true.

The author could well have posted these things months ago however due to freedom not being as free as first thought and laziness playing a rather large factor he is only just getting round to it.

The first trip was to Marrakech, in which the author drinks and smoke through Ramadan but alone, away from prying eyes to ensure that he does not offend anyone. He is offered hookers, hash and goes on the lash after the religious festivities are over.palmtree

All of the photos are the authors and all of the stories and feelings discussed are his own, this is the unremarkable tale of how a man escaped village life and lived in a city 1,500 miles away from anyone he has ever known…


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